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The Silk Road Anonymous Pharmacy It is Safe to Purchase Legal Drugs on the Internet, We are a professional team with many years of experience with selling our products on the Drugs place. We have been selling our products for years on legally. we decided to continue our business.

All the products we sell are HIGH-QUALITY products. And has been tested by a lab/person. So you’re guaranteed the best quality products.

Service is also a high priority in our team. We’re 24/7 online to reply fast to questions of our clients. And we ship our orders professional and fast!

For bulk/custom orders can we offer the best prices! So feel free to contact us!

Anti Anixety

Anxiety is a mental disorder characterized by excessive and persistent worries and fears. It’s hard to control, but there are solutions to your worries. Anti Anxiety was designed with the intent of calming your nerves and relieving your stress.

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– Champagne rocks (straight out the lab, from the Netherlands.)
– Cola rocks

All the pills we sell are straight from our presser!!


– 90% Pure Ketamine S-isomer sugar
– 95% Pure Ketamine Shards

– Ketamine rocks

– 90%+ Colombian Cocaine with nice crispy flakes. Best for Nose. Straight from the import!
– 90%+ Bolivian Cocaine. Good for nose & smoke
– 90%+ Peruvian Cocaine. Best for cooking/smoking

– 81% Pure Speed paste (straight out the lab, from the Netherlands.)

– Strong and HIGH-quality first-handed Heroin from Afghanistan

– Crystal Meth ICE (Straight from the lab!)

– Strong Hoffman LSD Blotters 200Ug

– Strong Xanax Pills in 2mg

SHIPMENT: SilkRoad-Pharmacy.ORG

All our orders are professionally packed and have almost 0% chance of being intercepted.

We always use Vacuum bags, MYLAR bags and every layer washed with alcohol. We use several decoy methods.

When we accepted your order, will we ship it within 24hours. We ship from Monday till Friday. When you have ordered in the weekend we will ship it the next workday(Monday).

Small order do we send in a normal envelope which fits in any mailbox. Bigger orders do we send in packages

6 – 9 Workdays

11 – 13 Workdays

2 – 3 Workdays

3 – 6 Workdays

*These are average shipping times!*

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Angelika Achen
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By placing an order, you do AGREE with our Refund Policy!!!

We can talk about a refund only after 14 days of the shipment!!!


– If you didn’t received your package we cannot refund or reship you due to the fact we can’t confirm that the product has arrived or not.
– All orders without with shipping option: Free Shipping. Will fit in any mailbox, no signature.
– Pack station, P.O. Boxes, Hotels etc. are at your own risk NO REFUND/RESHIP!!!!!


– If you didn’t receive your package we will always give you a 50% refund.
– All products are professionally packed and have almost 0% chance of being intercepted.
– All orders with Track and Trace requires signature.
– Orders will be shipped from a other country than The Netherlands. For extra safety and less risk!!
– Pack station, P.O. Boxes, Hotels etc. are at your own risk NO REFUND/RESHIP!!!!!


– Only available for orders under the 600 Dollar’s!
– This option always provide a Track and Trace!
– This option is based on the Track and Trace. If the Track and Trace says your order got delivered. It is delivered!! No discuss!
– If you didn’t received your order we will give you a FULL refund or re-shipment.
– Packstation, P.O. Boxes, Hotels etc. are at your own risk NO REFUND/RESHIP!!!!!


We also appreciate good feedback! So if there are any troubles with your order?
We will always try everything to resolve your issue before it gets to a stage of bad feedback. If there is any bad feedback? We did everything we could do!

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us!

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